Friday, October 28, 2011

Animal Aid: Assorted images Oct 28

More time was spent shooting video today, instead of still photos.  Ah, well.  Just wait until THAT'S done.  :)

These cows aren't actually at Animal Aid, but they live in the village where I am staying.  As we passed them on the way home I had to stop...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Animal Aid: Assorted images from Oct 25

There are hundreds of dogs at Animal Aid on any given day.  Most are in the hospital wards, being cared for, but some are permanent residents.  This old dog (above) has got some issues seeing...and is essentially toothless...but he's happy as a clam resting in the sand at Animal Aid.
I can't stress enough that there is no other help available for the street animals in Udaipur...dogs are not pets, and donkeys are made to work very hard.  Cows are revered as holy, but are for the most part left to fend for themselves as they roam the city in search of food from dumpsters.

It costs $10,000 a month to run Animal Aid.  This covers rental of the land, medical supplies, food, staff salaries, and other expenses.  Donations are strongly encouraged. 

Please go to Animal Aid's web site for more information...

This is actually a purebred Great Dane puppy that was suffering from such severe malnutrition that she has become completely deformed as her bones grew...or tried to.  Now that she is at Animal Aid, she receives several meals a day and lots of love.  But her deformities are for life.  Before I leave, I'd like to get some video footage of her's heartbreaking.

Many dogs have been coming in with severe head and neck injuries that have not only become infected, but become maggot infested (above).

Animal Aid: Octopus!

Octopus is a handicapped dog that came to Animal Aid  in June from Ahmedabad.  I had made a video awhile back to ask for help in creating a larger handicapped facility for paralyzed/handicapped dogs, and the woman that was caring for Octopus (Sandra Jhala) was featured in that video (the link is below).

Sandra was being forced to move from the rented house and land she had lived at for many years, and was desperately trying to find good homes for her 20+ dogs.  Animal Aid took in 4 handicapped dogs from Sandra...Octopus is one.

Octopus is a pretty special dog.  She has an array of issues with her legs...her RF leg is completely twisted around and straight.  Her LF one is twisted up into a ball.  Her back legs are locked straight.  I got down on the ground with her to get to know her better, and watched her as she pulled herself her CHIN.  That's right...she gets around by putting her chin on the ground (it's got quite a protective layer of skin built up on it...kind of like an old dogs elbow) and then placing her LF leg on the ground...and then pulling herself forward.  Her back legs are not too helpful, so it's mainly her chin and LF leg that she uses.

She has such a sweet personality!  I love this dog.  She's very, very lucky...she had a loving owner in Ahmedabad, and now she has a home for the rest of her life at Animal Aid.  Most handicapped or otherwise injured dogs in India are on their own...and as a result they live very hard, short lives.

This series of photos shows Octopus getting around, and then resting.  There's not much this dog can't do, if given a little time.  I even found her resting in a lounge chair one day...she had gotten up there all by herself!


Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Animal Aid: The donkey with tetanus...

Today I arrived at Animal Aid and walked right to the cattle and donkey paddock.  There was a new donkey laying on a mattress in the shade...I took one look at him and my brain said "TETANUS".  Sure enough.  He had to be put down...he was in agony.

Animal Aid: Assorted images from Oct 24

This is my first post since coming to India last week.  I spent 2 days getting here, then an entire day sleeping, and then it took me several days to get back on track.  I haven't been to Animal Aid every day, but I do have some time between arriving and then shooting a I will be taking some more photos from time to time. 

The photo above shows Laxman hanging a bag of saline for a cow that need IV fluids.

 Suraj comforting a pregnant (and apparently uncomfortable) cow.

Many of the donkeys and cows have 3 legs, or just a portion of the 4th leg.  I am not sure what's behind all of the amputations, but it's pretty amazing watching them all hobble around and be as happy as they are.
One of the resident donkeys must have come in pregnant...this is her baby, nuzzling up to Kamla Bai.

I presented Surej with a "Boston" baseball cap.  I wanted to bring him something from the USA...and from my home...and Erika had suggested baseball caps. 

Many of the dogs are dealing with severe neck/head injuries.

Laxman and I (this is a different Laxman than the one in the first photo).

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Volunteer In India: Attari, Pakistan/India border

There is a nightly "show" at the border of India and Pakistan every night, at Attari. The military forces for both sides do...something...and a huge crowd gathers. When I say they do something, I can't really elaborate on what because I didn't see it. There were too many people, and we were seated on the ground (as opposed to being in a stand). But the crowd watching was great fun, and it was a cool experience.
Manpreet, our Indian gangsta!
Cat and Martina with Mr BP.
Before the event officially begins, you can wait in line to take the Indian flag and run "all the way" to Pakistan with it.
You know how people want to pose with the guards at Buckingham Palace? Well, Meredith got it in her head that she wanted a photo with an Indian soldier, and after numerous rejections, she got her chance! Actually, we all did.

This is what I could see the whole time the show was going on...the backs of heads!