Monday, April 30, 2012

Edgar 1999-2012

I am about to say goodbye to one of the greatest dogs ever.  Edgar has cancer (many cancers, actually) and it hurts for him to open his mouth now to eat...or do anything.  He can barely lick his nose without crying out.  I wake at night to his moans of discomfort.

This is SO hard for me.  The practical former vet tech KNOWS it's the right thing to do but WOW.  I am in agony.

I will miss his snoring, his floppy ear, his barrel chest.  I will miss his red harness (red is for danger, you know), his confident stride, his love of water.  I will miss his enthusiasm for everything, his tolerance for my other 2 dogs, his willingness to do things like...go canoeing.  I will miss his bright eyes and preference for sleeping on top of the covers.  I will miss how he loved to lick my cats face and ears.  I will miss the way his toes scrape the road as he trots, because they don't quite clear the surface.  I will miss his deep woof.  I will miss his amiable didn't matter if it was a night at home or a night in the car, the 3 of us were always together. 

I adopted Edgar when he was 7.  He had been brought to an animal hospital to be put to sleep.  There was nothing wrong with him...

I am grateful to have been able to spend the last 5 years with him.  He was a GREAT dog!!