Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding: Princeton MA

Last weekend was the first one all season that I didn't have a wedding of my own booked...and what do I do? Go to a wedding with another photographer (my friend Tammy) to shoot with the Holga cameras! I wish I'd had more film on me that day, but it was so last minute I didn't have time to place an order. I have made initial scans from some color negs (BW to follow) and have NOT had time yet to clean the dust off of them. SO, forgive the dust, one day soon they will be perfect! The wedding was for Kelly and Craig Stimson, they live on the Stimson family farm (in Princeton MA). It has been in their family and continuously farmed for over 250 years. They currently have a few cows, chickens, and fields for haying. It was a gorgeous sunny fall day, and everything went very well. I appreciate that Kelly and Craig let me tag along on such short notice...I am always looking for weddings to shoot this way, and this one was special. I grew up in Princeton, and had actually been to the farm several times for other photo projects. It's a beautiful place!