Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Annual Pilgrimage to Georgia

Usually, I get to Georgia two or three times a year...this time it was a full year before I got back down here.  Ugh.  Too long!!

I would have bought this to bring home, but the thought of getting thru the airport with it was daunting.

The house has an amazing array of brilliant colors!  If I'm a colorful girl (purple walls), Penny is downright ELECTRIC!

Penny says "draw something".  SO I drew home.  I miss the farm!

Her cat Huckabee is massive.  A Maine Coon Cat.

Allatoona Dam.  Day trip during the one 2 hour break that it didn't downpour (it rained 10 out of 11 days).

Penny's son is eying this river with significant hesitation.  It's flooded, the current is raging, and we (Penny and I- NOT the kids) were about to haul the kayaks over the steep edge, jump in, and careen down the river to the lake.  We made it.  But it rained heavily.

At one point we sheltered under the trees from the rains.  Then we decided we might be there for hours if we waited for the rains to end, and that wouldn't do for us to meet her husband for our 4pm pickup time at the lake.

Girls night out with Penny and her sister Catherine.

I discovered margaritas and martinis on girls night out.  No excess of drinking, but fun to try new things.

There was one other day that the rains didn't open up...and we went for a great hike and swim.  Such a nice spot!  Lots of forest, water, and wildlife.And the kids were pretty good sports about hiking.  I think we went 4 miles in the Georgia heat.

Ooh what a wonderful bug.  A couple of inches long!

Milo, the steadfast family dog.  Well, one of them.

If I were to read this mushrooms color language, I'd guess it's POISONOUS.  Whaddya think?

You can't see it, but there's a really fuzzy, small deer in this picture.

All of us were in braids.  It was too cool to NOT take a photo.

Even today, the last day, we got hit again by a huge storm that came thru as we were running errands.  The weather has been bizarre.  10 minutes after I took this, it was raining so hard there were flash floods and you couldn't SEE down the road.

Aaaaah.  Fish tacos!

The gardens are terraced.  I shot this from the tree house.  Great perspective.

Great swimming spot the day of the hike.  I loved the water.  Then, I stopped actually moving, and discovered that the fish nibbles on your ankles.  At least they weren't piranhas.