Thursday, April 17, 2014

Baby chick coop is DONE!

Craigslist has been very good to me.  My latest project has been to find materials for a new coop/kennel area for the new baby chickens.  I found the kennel frame (above) in Hubbardston (free on Craigslist!), the stone for drainage in Brookfield (free!), and the dog house turned coop also in Brookfield (also free!).  The chain link fencing was procured on Craigslist (not free), as were all of the posts and hardware.  Now the entire perimeter of the chicken area is considerably enlarged, the babies are safe from harm, and I am feeling pleased with the final results.  :)
The kennel frame finally assembled and placed on timber base.

Foundation leveled and blocked in to hold stone and sand for drainage.

Sand added and chain link up.

The baby chicks exploring the new area.  It's too cold to leave them in it at night, but for a few sunny hours today they can go out.

Overview of the two chicken areas...the big coop is for the 17 adult birds, and then the new addition for the babies.  The baby area is additionally fortified with a chicken wire "roof'" to keep hawks from getting them.