Sunday, February 12, 2017

India: Hiking With(out) Panthers

My desire for a good hike was satisfied yesterday...a hike with Animal Aid co-workers at Tiger Lake yesterday after work.  It was so nice to get up into the hills that I admire from the lower levels!  Walking as a group, we were (hopefully? probably?) safer from panther attacks, which are regular enough around here to be mentioned by everyone.  Making it up in time for the sunset, we then barely made it back down before becoming engulfed in complete and utter darkness.  SO worth it.  :)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Amsterdam December 2016

Flower market stalls

Behind the Rijksmuseum

Behind the Rijksmuseum

Behind the Rijksmuseum

Ice skating behind the Rijksmuseum

Cats were often in restaurants


This restaurant had a cockatoo

Art exhibit in an old church

Part of an art exhibit in an old church

Paints, at the Rembrandt Museum

Tiny little lunch spot

Art display

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The REST of the story...

Hostel stairwell in Antwerp.  Dad was NOT pleased to have to navigate this stairwell every time he needed to use the bathroom.  I, on the other hand, was visually thrilled every time I went up or down.

Months ago, when dad and I were on our journey thru Belgium and the Netherlands, I amused myself by taking photos with my cell phone.  I managed to make a couple of entries from London and Bruges...and then we headed onwards, and dad got sick.  After getting steadily sicker every day, I finally brought him to the hospital in Amsterdam, where they promptly admitted him with severe pneumonia.  I stopped blogging.  I came home with dad a week and a half later, and forgot all about the rest of the photos.  Well.  Here they are.

The view from our hostel room in Antwerp.  Kind of a view, but not really.

I can happily live on bread, cheese, and butter.  I carted around a big lump of butter and cheese, and got fresh bread daily.

Antwerp bridge.



Basement dining.  You had to squeeze yourself down a narrow stone stairwell to pass through this room and then reach a bathroom. 

Antwerp.  From the hostel window.

Delft.  I insisted we come here so that I could see where Jan Vermeer had lived and worked. 

Delft market square.

The Girl With A Pearl Earring is a favorite of mine.  I have a crush on her, and so do all these other people. at the diamond sellers.





Amsterdam. 1550.  Think about THAT. 



Amsterdam flower market, above my head.





Amsterdam Red Light District. 



The painting cheat sheet for Vermeer's works.

 Amsterdam.  The story that went along with this painting was very detailed, but all I remember is that the original painter didn't get along with folks...and halfway through, a second painter was brought in to finish it.  His style needed to match the first and make the whole scene seamless.

These guys played music in the covered archways leading to the Rijksmuseum.  They were magical.  I was listening to their music while dad was getting sicker in the hotel.  A few hours after this was taken, I was back at the hotel and realized just HOW sick he was, and got him to the hospital.

A girl and her dog.  Love this.

The view from dads hospital room.

Dads unexpected hotel bed for the last week.

Once dad went into the hospital, I moved from the larger hotel room into this small one. It was perfect.  I just wanted to be alone.  It was maybe 5' by 12'.

I passed this dog statue every day on my way into the hospital.  It REALLY bothered me.



I broke dad out of the hospital on a Tuesday night...we had dinner, went to bed, and got up early the next morning for our flight home.