Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Paths Less Traveled

Every once in awhile, I am lucky enough to go on a long walk in the woods with Jim.  Yesterday was one of those days.  He asked me to photograph some of the plots of land that have been purchased/given to the Sterling Land Trust.  It was about 4 hours of hiking, during which I recognized that I am badly in need of real hiking boots.  Next hike I will be prepared!

Beaver dam.

Had to throw Jim in a few for scale!

There's a great story about this man, stone, and land.  Charlie Allen had met with Jim several times, and as they stood on this spot he declared that when he died, he wanted to be buried there.  Well, darned if it didn't happen, and as I shot this photo I was standing on his grave.  They got permission from whatever environmental entity, and Charlie was brought up to this spot in a hay wagon for his burial.  Dressed in his flannel shirt and jeans, Charlie is at rest on the land that he tended to all his life.  He never married, and had no heirs to leave the place to.  His brother has the farm next door.

Jim taught me about Ant Lions.  We played with them for awhile.  I've never seen such things!

I learned something else, too.  See the circular indentations on many large stones?  There were holes on each side, and to pick up these stones for moving and setting in place, you'd pick them up with a large version of ice tongs.  The tool fit right at that spot, and up it went.  This canal was incredible.  It was of such significance, and simply beautiful.  I can imagine the many men it took to create this extensive canal, which led away from what used to be a reservoir.

There were more Trillium here than I've EVER seen in my whole life.  As far as the eye could see across the forest floor.  Stunning.