Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding: April 18 2010

Steve and Ariane were married last weekend...on April 18. I am thrilled that I was asked to photograph their wedding! Anyone that knows me, knows that Steve and I dated for awhile 5 years ago, and decided we made better friends than anything else. And so it has been...and I am so happy for him that he and Ariane have found each other! Ariane has made me feel welcome, and I hope that they love all of their wedding photos. (I do!) This blog entry has just a handful of the ones that I like. In an even stranger twist, though, I am also now the "caretaker" for Steve's house in Oakham. The one he left empty when he and Ariane moved in together. You gotta laugh. :)

The ringbearer, Thomas, was SO in love with the flower girl, Sydney. It was way too cute. He followed her all day!
Steve and his father.

Ariane had a...moment...right before the ceremony.