Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My very own...truck...to love!

When I bought my horse this summer, I hadn't really thought thru the logistics for getting supplies.  I never HAD a truck to help with such errands, but they sure do come in handy when you're picking up quantities of grain, shavings, and hay.  Not to mention lugging around random fencing materials, which I have been doing quite a bit of.  So, when I was lugging around 5 bales of hay at a time in my car (and making a mess of the car) these ideas all started to gel, and I thought "how great would it be if I had a truck?".  My neighbor had a truck that he didn't need, so I offered to get a plate and insure it, in exchange for using it.  I drove it for 3 days and had to get it towed TWICE.  Hmmmm.  Ok.  Not the truck I want.  So...today...I bought an old beater.  A 1996 F-150.  8 foot bed, standard shift, plenty of dings in it.  I paid off my car a few weeks ago (yay!), paid for the truck with cash, and have high hopes for its usefulness.  :)

No more of this funny business!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Before and after

All that's left is rubble.  The silo came down yesterday, and cleanup is going to be done in a few days.