Saturday, August 30, 2014

Woodstock Fair 2014

This little girl was reading to her calf.  :)

Always interested in the eggs, of course. 

The prize winning giant pumpkin and watermelon.

The ride Tracy's daughter insisted on's a complete circle and the cars just go round and both directions.  I was ill just looking at it.

There were 3 horse show rings, so lots of sexy horses to drool over.

It was hot.  I think this rider actually fainted, because she had a nice calm horse that did...nothing.  All of the sudden the girl was on the ground and not moving.

IT'S A HORSE SHOW, FOLKS!  NOT A BEAUTY PAGEANT FOR 5 YEAR OLDS.  She had more eye shadow, lipstick, and rouge on than a Las Vegas dancer.

This child must have been miserable the whole time!  He made this face constantly.  Or perhaps he needed to go pee?

Nice saddle pad.

The EMT's and ambulance were called in waaay too many times to the horse arenas.